How To Make Money Offline-12 Month Millionaire: Audio Coaching Sessions With Vincent James


Russell Brunson has earned a small fortune on the web and he offers a program called 12 Month Millionaire: Audio Coaching Sessions With Vincent James, which is a six part audio interview. It is based on the now out-of-print book 12 Month Millionaire, which was written by Vince James. Though he's a past criminal, today Vince James utilizes direct mail marketing to pull in an income that surpasses that of many CEOs. His book shows ways for online marketers to make money, and Brunson interviewed James to enhance his own website marketing business.

By using the various strategies recommended by James, Brunson has experienced phenomenal financial success and is currently an extremely popular Internet Marketing speaker. The aim of this interview is the right way to take your online business offline, and if that is what you would like to do, you'll learn lots of valuable information. Much of the information provided in this interview will be misinterpreted by many web marketers. Nonetheless, an intelligent marketer can take advantage of some of the information and make positive changes in his business.

The first interview session is about the way the 21-year-old Vincent James created a million dollar business. He discusses the niche he selected and tells how he was able to become successful. He talks about how he was able to set up a membership site and obtain 65,000 paying members within the first year. The second part of the interview discusses information publishing and creating info products. Vincent sold information products via direct marketing and direct mailing, and he shares his secrets on how he accomplished it. The importance of having a list is always an excellent conversation topic and, in part three, Vincent speaks about how he develops and maintains a list of customers and prospects. You'll find out how valuable your customers are and how they can create a recurring income for you.

Vincent talks about the advertising techniques that gave success to his business in session number four. If you want to discover how to convert site traffic into sales, this session is really important. You'll learn more advertising techniques in session five, including using commercial ads on radio and TV, to generate leads. Problems are a fact of life in business and Vincent uses the very last session to provide possible resolutions for difficulties that may arise. Discover what to do when unauthorized folks duplicate your product.

It is easy to find an online product that would help you learn to make money. Needless to say, they are not all equal and the majority of them are not intended for novices. In this program, you will learn some worthwhile tips, particularly in reference to using offline marketing to earn money. It doesn't matter if you are a rookie or a seasoned marketer, you will learn something helpful in these interviews.

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